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The 2016 Water Sport Season is up and running.  Check out what’s happening around Saskatchewan.

News and Recent Results:

Disabled World Female Skier of the Year

Congratulations to Ashley Berg for being named the IWWF Disabled World Female Skier of the Year.  Ashley will be honoured at World’s in April 2017.  


WSWSask Strategic Planning

We’ve got an exciting meeting coming up Nov 5th and we would love to see the attendance of a variety of WSWSask members.  For more information, and to sign up, please visit:  http://wswsask.com/event/wswsask-strategic-planning


Water Ski 2016 Provincials

IMG_2262Water Ski provincials were held August 26th/27th at the Proline Water Sports Facility in Saskatoon.  Congratulations to all of the competitors, and a big thank you to all of the hardworking volunteers and family members – events don’t run themselves!  Special thanks to the Saskatoon Water Ski club for organizing and hosting the event. Results are available at:  http://wswsask.com/water-ski-results  


WakeJam 2016 – Wakeboard Provincials

Congratulations to everyone who competed at WakeJam 2016.  This event was held at the beautiful River Landing, which offered great viewing for friends, family, and those passing by. Thank you to the newly formed Flatland Wake Club for organizing and hosting this event, and to all of the volunteers who assisted to make sure provincials was a success. Results are available at:  http://wswsask.com/wakeboard-results

Camp Easter Seals – Another successful season

Camp Easter Seals is the only wheelchair accessible facility in Saskatchewan, and we are proud to support one of our clubs in bringing sit skiing to this camp.  campeasterseal@abilitiescouncil.sk.ca LeRoss and Participant 13667731_1160374804023298_4662100374620080185_o

Provincial Championships

As we make our way into August, athletes are traveling to events across Canada, but did you know we also host provincial events in Saskatchewan that are suitable for competitors of all ages and abilities? WakeJam Wakeboard Provincials will take place on August 19th and 20th at the River Landing in Saskatoon.  For more information on this event, please visit:  http://wswsask.com/wakeboarding/wakeboard-provincials  Water Ski Provincials will take place on August 27th at the Proline Water Sports Facility in Saskatoon.  For more information on this event, please visit: http://wswsask.com/water-ski/water-ski-provincials

Westerns Water Ski Championship Results

Congratulations to everyone who competed at Westerns.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked together to put this event together, and special thanks to Norm Lucas and Jeff Edwards for the thousands of hours that they contributed to this event. Tournament results:  2016 Westerns Scores Thank you also, to our sponsors: sms-equipment-logo logo-brandt                         logo-adrenaline 800x125 Lottery Logo Tagline Sport More Than a Game image016  

Adaptive Water Ski “Give it a Go” Day

Thanks to Pete & Chantal for organizing another successful adaptive water-ski event, and to everyone who assisted. Driver: Adam Morris Dock Cop: Pete Andrews Shot Gun: Ryan Riehl & numerous parents and friends Pinner: Lisa Williams & AndrewFullSizeRender-4 Side skiers: Lisa Williams & David Wassill Jet ski Driver: Therapist & Larry Watts Safety Jumper: Rory Registration: Chantal Demo Skier: Nolan Barnes


Upcoming Events

Summer in Saskatchewan is heating up!  Don’t forget to check out our events calendar at:  www.wswsask.com/events  

Western Water Ski Championships, Saskatoon

Join us at our newly renovated Proline Water Sports Facility for the 2016 Western Water Ski Championships! Tournament Notice (including hotel information):  2016 Westerns Tournament Notice Online registration:  http://www.karelo.com/register.php?BID=268&BT=10&Ev=16460  Sponsorship Opportunities:  If you are interested in, or able to, help sponsor this event, please contact:  wswsask@gmail.com Thank you to Sask Sport, Sask Lotteries, and Sport:  It’s More Than a Game for assistance with this event. Sport More Than a Game image016  800x125 Lottery Logo Tagline


Adaptive Skiing “Have-A-Go” Day

Adaptive Water Skiing


Research on Women in Sport

MEK Ph.D. Study 2 Recruitment Poster 1.3

Become an Official

We are looking for officials for the upcoming 2015 and 2016 seasons.  If you are interested, please contact our office at wswsask@gmail.com Sask Sport Officials Video

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