Bylaws & Policy

Water Ski and Wakeboard Saskatchewan is governed by a Board of Directors and reports to its members.  Operating By-Laws are in place to conduct the affairs of WSWS and each of these By-Laws has been approved by the Membership at the time they were written and at subsequent By-Law reviews.  By-Laws can not be changed without notification to and voting of the Membership.  The Board of Directors establishes a Policy Manual which guides the details of the workings of WSWS.  Policies are reviewed and can be changed by the Board of Directors.

Board Members are elected by the Membership and hold a one year term, the President can not hold office longer than two successive terms unless unanimously voted by the members at an AGM.  Elections for Board Members are held in the spring of each year at the Annual General Meeting.


2017 Board Members

President: Brent Weninger

President Elect: n/a

VP Wakeboard/Past President:  Gary Morris

VP Adaptive:  LeRoss Calnek

VP Classic 3 Event Water Ski:  Steve Skoworodko

Sask First Water Ski:  Norm Lucas

Sask First Wakeboard:  Cindy Keet

Sport for All Water Ski:  Matt Weninger/Kaitlyn Salzl-Borzel

Sport for All Wakeboard:  Kip Dayman

Sport Development:  David Wassil

Communications:  Mitch Keet



By Laws – 2017

Policy Manual Current at 2016

MAP Guideline Document March 2012