2017 Coaches

Coach – Hunter Hollerbaum

Hunter has been active in the waterski and wakeboard community for over 10 years as a competitive athlete, volunteer and coach. She continues to compete at a national level in waterskiing.  One of her most memorable waterski moments was watching pro athletes compete at the 2009 World Waterski Championships. In the past few years she has began her coaching career for both waterskiing and wake boarding. Hunter loves coaching because she enjoys motivating and helping people of all ages overcome obstacles and develop new skills. She believes water sports are a great family sport/activity.


Coach – Matthew Weninger

Matthew Weninger is a native to Saskatchewan. He was born and raised in Saskatoon, Sk and spent time between Florida, Saskatchewan, and Louisiana where attended University of Louisiana on a Waterskiing Scholarship. Matt has represented Canada at many major tournaments which include: 2-Pan American Games, Jr.Worlds, Jr Australian Masters, Australian Masters (Moomba), 3-Jr Us Opens, Can-American Challenge. He was won numerous Provincial, Western Canadians, Canadian Nationals, and also multiple Pro Podium finish’s. Matthews expertise in waterskiing has taken him all over the world, either skiing or coaching. During Matthews time in Florida and Louisiana, he has worked with people of all levels from American ski schools, first timers, intermediate, professionals, and world champs.
Matt has a deeply rooted passion for towed water sports of all levels. He has been either riding backwards in a boat or simply skiing behind one for 16 years. Matt says “I love teaching people for the first time. Seeing their smiles make it so rewarding.” Wether you are a beginner or someone looking to take an event to the next level Matthew can help you. Our Canadian summers are short so be sure to take full advantage of this life time opportunity. Book a clinic date with us!

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