Water Ski

Classic Water Skiing is comprised of 3 disciplines – slalom, tricks, jumps and serve as the foundation from which Water Ski and Wakeboard Saskatchewan (formerly Saskatchewan Water Ski Association) was built.

Slalom: Slalom skiing is probably the most popular skill among recreational skiers. Performed on one ski, this is the skill that most beginner and novice skiers strive to accomplish, and what the elite skiers manage to make look effortless.

Tricks: Trick skiing is a discipline that demands a high level of balance, skill, and creativity. Unlike the other classic disciplines, you’re up against the clock and are judged on the performance of your trick selections.

Jump: Ski jumping is by far the most extreme discipline in Classic, 3 event skiing, and has almost been perfected by Canada’s World Champion, Jaret Llewellyn. Performed on two specially designed skis, coupled with a helmet and padded wetsuit, contestants approach the ramp at lightening speeds, and can soar through the air at distances of up to 300 feet!

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