2013 Water Ski Team

2014 Saskatchewan Water Ski Team Announcement March 24, 2014
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2013 Saskatchewan Water Ski Team

Matt Wenginer – Saskatoon
Brett Morris – Saskatoon
Adam Morris – Saskatoon
Greg Edwards – Saskatoon
Zach Edwards – Saskatoon
Josh Edwards – Saskatoon
Kaitlyn Salzel-Borzel – Lloydminster
Troy Salzel-Borzel – Lloydminster
Hunter Hollerbaum – Lloydminster
Jacob Asmundson – Pilot Butte
Josh Asmundson – Pilot Butte
Jackson Skoworodko – Wakaw
Brett Walker – Saskatoon

These athletes will be involved in individual training and in July will participate in Team Training in Saskatoon.  The team will travel to Western Canadian Championships in Abbotsford BC and National Water Ski Championships in Calgary, Alberta in August.  August 24 will find them back in Saskatoon at the Provincial Water Ski Championships.

2012 Water Ski Team Report

The team enjoyed a successful year in the competitive stream of Water Ski.  Many of the competitive team were able to begin their year training with Kevin Melnuk in Jerseyville, Illinios in June.  As well, Ryan Dodd, International Ski Champion, spent a week at the Saskatoon Water Ski Club prior to the National Championships.  Both of these training times provided opportunity for many of the athletes hoping to refine their skiing as they travelled to Nationals in Calgary.

Ten Saskatchewan water skiiers travelled to Winnipeg for the 2012 Western Canadian Championships held in Winnipeg.  The 2012 National Water Ski Championships were held at Predator Bay just south of Calgary.  Eighteen Saskatchewan athletes competed in the two round event, receiving 10 Gold, 8 Silver and 8 Bronze medals.

It is notable that there were 5 first time competitors from Ssskatcheawn competing at the National Championships in 2012.  Beyond the excitement of seeing young skiers enter the competitive stream it is also remarkable that several skiers that have previously competed in a single event, slalom, are beginning to train in trick and jump as well.

Adam Morris was selected for the CanAm under 13 team and repsresentd Canada in Jerseyville, Illinois.  The Canadian team worked hard but came up just short of the Americans.  Matt Weninger was selected to represent Canada at the 2012 Pan American Games in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and received a silver medal as part of the U21 Team Overall Competition.